Hungover Love

by Just Just

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Written and recorded by my arms, mouth, & hands in December 2011.


released January 11, 2012

Album photo by the great David Torch.



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Just Just Brooklyn, New York

Just Just is traveling around, doing stuff.

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Track Name: Hungover Love
I feel need when my eyes get beady. This feeling is feeding a longing for my girl. Until I'm able to feel stable again the end of this unclear. I'm here, I hope I'll stay until tomorrow. I want to flourish like an animal in its prime and read a good book for a hillside.
Track Name: Piecing It Together
I'm on a quest to answer all the questions, like dancers, that reach to your fingertips.

All these questions allude a certain kind of mood no surer than love.

If you look straight at them, these answers that fathom, it's a done deal to reveal they're gone.

It supports my age that no sinner or sage can gauge these answers to me or her.

I'll celebrate scrutiny till it's everyday news to me.

I'm on journey to see.
Track Name: Minimal Air
Know when to take a breath performing Phillip Glass. I'm past the vast knowledge it take to put my routines in such a small space. I sent my money upriver. You know... It's funny, but I ain't laughing. There'll always be another next time.

Love is a law you can see. It took a beautiful lawyer to tell me. You understand? You demand nothing and still get it. I'm condemned to happiness and decked out by listlessness. They'll always be another next time.

A storm never backed down over nothing... or a woman... or a black bear... or a serious stare that made you feel you weren't even there.

We're over built. We're built big, too big to kill. There' won't be another next time.
Track Name: As If It Continues
There's an end to every day, every lifetime, every stay, but let's go on as if it continues.

If there's a rush to get things done, to hear each and every song ever sung, let's all slow down as if it continues.

Childhood moves so fast and adulthood never lasts, but we won't crack. Let's act as if it continued.
Track Name: A Kiss On The Cheek
It's not a good time for us. You got me overwhelmed.

The solace solicited is welcome now and then.

It's not a good time for us. We are uphill we're to steep.

Gimme something to take to keep, a kiss on the cheek.

She struggled to spare me the love she couldn't give.

My eyes settled back and forth. I was not positive.

I'm not sure we should stay friends.

This desire is a dream.

I can't be tempted everyday with a kiss a on the cheek.
Track Name: A Drunk Dream
The most uneventful memory I have I keep having. In Southern California in the early 1990s. I was with a friend and his sister and her boyfriend in their car. I asked what we were listening to? And the boyfriend of sister said Soup Dragons. It was a small car and the sun was going down. I really loved the sunsets out there before I moved to Kansas. We went through a drive-thru to pick up some burritos and by then it was dark. The little lights on the car stereo lit up the front seats